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Which Type of Mattress is Right for Me?

Which is the Right Mattress for Me?

You have probably already looked over our comfort guide which is designed to give you a basic understanding of comfort levels for mattresses. But you may still be wondering what is the right mattress for me?

Below we will be writing about the rules of thumb about mattresses and which one may suit you the best. But before you dive in reading the rest of our article we want to make a statement. All of the rules or reccomendations that we suggest are based on a cross section of our customers feedback, opinions of doctors and other sleep professionals. These suggestions  can be disregarded if you lay on a mattress that feels comfortable to you regardless of how you sleep. Our experiences says if you try something that feels comfortable than you are going to be a happy camper. At the same time if you lay on a mattress and it feels a little odd, chances are you will have a problem and you should try another model.

That being said when you try a mattress in the store generally the mattress will already be broken in depending on how many people tried it out in the store. So when you get a brand new mattress at home it may take 1 to 4 weeks to get the same feel as it was in the store.

The Mattress Rules Of Thumb

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Stomach Sleepers >

Side Sleepers:
People who often sleep on their side will probably do better with a range of (40)plush firm to a (70) super plush mattress. Why? Because when you sleep on your side you are putting focused pressure on your shoulders and hips. If you were to sleep on your side on a firm mattress you have a greater risk of creating pressure points on your shoulders and hips because your body will be absorbing the majority of the pressure. The extra foams on a plush mattress will help absorb the pressure area and transfer the pressure from the weight of your body into the foams of the mattress.

A Great Example of this would be:
Well imagine you had a 2 inch sponge and you put it on the floor and you rested your knee on it. Yes it would feel more comfortable to your knee than resting your knee on the floor surface directly but there would still be some discomfort and you would still feel the base of the floor as the spong compresses from your weight. Now take that same sponge and put another 5 inch sponge on top of the two inch sponge and rest your knee again. The pressure will be relieved and you will not have the feeling of having your knee pressing on the floor as the increased cushion will displace your weight better.

Recommended Mattresses:

Back Sleepers:
People who sleep on their backs will generally find a level 30(Medium Firm), 40(Plush Firm) and a 60(Super Plush Firm) mattress the most comfortable. Also back sleepers can get away with other plush level mattresses depending on the health of their back. If the mattress feels super comfortable you will probably be ok with it no matter what the comfort feel. The above reccomendations are based on our average customer but there always people who do not fit the average user. Why do we prefer a combination of plush top padded foam with a firm support base underneath? On any plush mattress you will feel support on your shoulder blades and your tail bone but some where in the middle of your back you may not get the proper support because a mattress with a plush base may not give you enough push back support. Push back support can come from a firm pocketed coil support or a firm support foam base. The push back from a firm support base will help compact the padded foams of the mattress into middle of the back. A plush support base may not give enough push back in the middle of the back Possibly causing the muscles in your back to work harder leading to stiffening of the back.

Why do we specify a pocketed coil unit and foam base and not a traditional innerspring base?
An innerspring base is made up of coils all wired together on the top and bottom. If you were to press down on an innerspring unit in the middle the whole area of the mattress would sink down because all of the coils are connected by wire. A pocketed coil mattress is wrapped with fabric and connected to the base of the unit. Each coil is individually covered with fabric with fabric ties somewhere in the middle of each coil. So when the coil is pressed down only the coil that has pressure on it will move the other coils around that area will not move. Same thing with foam, when you press down on a piece of foam only the immediate area will press down leaving the other areas not effected. So with a pocket coil and foam base you get an increased custom support for each individual area of your body that is lying on the mattress. In addition pocketed coils and foam bases have less motion transfer so getting up out of bed or moving in bed will less likely disturb your partner on the other side of the mattress.

Recommended Mattresses:

Stomach  Sleepers:
People who sleep on their stomachs will quite often enjoy a level 10 (Extra Firm) to a level 40(Plush Firm) ) (a level 60 Super Plush Firm will be pushing it). Why not recommend something softer? Because when you sleep depending your weight you will form a U shape laying on your stomach in the mattress. Your stomach will generally sink in more putting extra pressure on your lower back which can possibly lead to stiffness. If you do like soft layers we recommend at least having a firm coil support or foam base lessening the body from curving and keeping your back better aligned. When selecting a pillow please choose a pillow that will not dramtically increase the upward curve of your body in the mattress.

Recommended Mattresses:


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