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We participate with Bizrate and Google checkout reviews where after the customer has bought a product they are sent a "Point of Sale Review".  Many customers ask how can I fill out a review without receiving the delivery first. The answer is the Point of Sale Reviews are not made public. Three weeks later Bizrate or Google Checkout will email you a "Fulfillment Review" after you have received your order. In that fulfillment review every customer has the power to write a public review with a chosen nick name or your name if you choose.  Every customer has the right to praise us publically or humiliate us:) Obviously we will work are tails off to be praised. Writing a review is totally voluntary but we encourage you to do so.

Please judge us on the following:
1. After you placed your order how easy was it to contact us?
2. How fast did we respond?
3. Were we courteous?
4. Did everything go as we described in our delivery instruction email? 
5. Did we deliver by the promised delivery window ?
6. And in the rare occasion of a problem did we work as hard as we could to resolve the problem? 
    No store is perfect, but when there is a problem a good store will proactively respond.

- By Lexie S. - Mar 5, 2018 
I loooooooooove my bed from Craig's Beds! It's so cozy and comfortable and I'm getting a great night's sleep every night! Also, Craig is an awesome dude.

- By Nic B. - Nov 19, 2017 

"Skip the nonsense and go straight to Craig. Great service. Great prices. Piece of mind when you buy with Craig."

- By Grant S - Dec 22, 2017  

"Great shopping experience. Craig knows what's up. Wanted to say, I've had his Summerfield mattress for over 4 years, and it holds up as the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. Guests always compliment us on how nice it is. Listen to Craig, he will guide you to better sleep."

- By Adam K. - Nov 3, 2017

"My girlfriend and I spent over a month trying different't bed stores, companies, etc, but once we tried Craig's Beds we immediately knew it was the one for us. Craig was super cool throughout the whole process, and I could tell his number one priority was that we were happy with our decision. He never once pushed anything on us and was very straight forward and patient. Excellent customer service, and was a pleasure to work with. Couldn't recommend more! We chose a Summerfield all foam mattress."

- By Elaine B. - Aug 3, 2017
"I made an appointment based on other reviews and now I must add mine. My appointment was mine alone. Craig was personable and in a few minutes talking like friends. After inquiring about our sleep habits and what we think we would like in a mattress, he sent us to one of the beds to try. It was perfect. My husband preferred something firmer and traditional and so he was directed to a different bed. He liked it and I didn't. To solve the problem we each got our own mattress in twin which we have together like a king (at home) Mattress, box spring and frame all written up easily. It was just as easy to change our delivery date when we found out about our building delivery rules. The delivery company gave her an approximate time of delivery and they were accurate, careful, quick and efficient. I love my new bed and I love how easy it was to purchase."


- By Melissa G. - Oct 9, 2017
"I got my mattress from Craig's Beds about 3 months ago and would 100% recommend going to Craig's if you are in the market for a mattress. I almost gave into the mattress-in-a-box fad but I'm so glad that I stopped by Craig's showroom, as it turned out that I didn't like any of the memory foam mattresses. Craig is extremely knowledgeable and even designs his own Summerfield line of mattresses. He has around 10 mattresses on display in his showroom but offers many more online. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find something I liked with the limited showroom selection, but Craig asked what I was looking for and immediately selected a few mattresses to try. I'm very indecisive but he was patient, not pushy at all, and let me take my time. I sleep great on this mattress and never wake up due to aches or pains. Be sure to make an appointment!"

-By K M.- January 5, 2017 
"I had a wonderful experience with CraigsBeds, Craig's very attentive service, his delivery guys, and his customer service. I highly recommend them. My girlfriend also has a Tiffany bed and that's how I knew I'd love it. So that's what I ordered for myself. I'm very glad to have found Craig!"

-By Rose K. - July 30, 2016 
"I bought my bed from Craig 3 years ago now. I've moved it across the country and it's still incredibly comfortable and has held up over time. Craig and his assistant were incredibly accommodating and responsive throughout the process!"

- By Beck B. - Dec 4, 2016
"We purchased this bed about 9 months ago after weeks of research. Based on all the positive reviews (and frankly, negative reviews of a lot of other mattress suppliers), I decided to take a chance on Craig's beds for my first grown-up mattress purchase. So glad I did. I had my heart set on something with latex, for various reasons (including NYC bed bug fears), and had seriously considered a full latex bed. My partner wanted coil... and he also likes a softer bed, while I like one that's more firm. Somehow our Summerfield mattress turned out to be the perfect compromise for us. We also have grown to love our latex pillows that came with the mattress. Really happy with our purchase and highly recommend Craig's."

- By Cynthia V. - July 26, 2016
"I dropped by Craig's this afternoon for my 5:00P appointment and walked out 1.5 hours later extremely satisfied with my care. I've purchased a Summerfield Jennifer and can't wait for it to arrive! Craig is patient and accommodating and friendly and knowledgeable, and he is absolutely not pushy with customers. I felt comfortable throughout the buying process and highly recommend Craig's Beds for excellent service, value, and sleep!"

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