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Summerfield Latex Mattresses

Summerfield Six inch All Latex Support Core Base
Supports, Relieves Pressure and stops motion transfer from your partners movements while sleeping

Summerfield Tallalay Comofort Layer
Providing pressure relief with out the feeling of sinking in
Summerfield Wool Top Layer
Designed to relieve pressure and to naturally dissipate body heat

The Summerfield Latex Series is designed to lift your body and relieve pressure at the same time without sinking in or transferring motion.
Summerfield Mattress - Mattress Store NYC

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Summerfield Latex Tessa Cushion Firm Mattress
Summerfield Latex Tessa Cushion Firm Mattress
SKU: SUL2001
Starts at: $1600.00 $1234.00

Firm Soft

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